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I have a Biostar TZ68A+ and I have been trying to O/C it with no success. It overclocked fine with just two sticks of memory in it, but when I added two more making all four slots full now it will not O/C or I should say it will not pass Intel Burn Test. I believed at first it must be settings that are the problem and have tried upping the memory voltage and VccIO, but nothing seems to work. Does anyone have any idea what I can do to get this to work? The memory is 2133.
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  1. are you overclocking the CPU or the Memory?
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    It's usually recommended to only use 2 slots in dual channel mode for overclocking, it has something to do with the memory controller on your chip I'm not completely sure of the details, keeps the temps and power consumption down, run a fan over each dimm if your overclocking the memory, but considering it's already 2133 your not going to benefit much from OC'ing it any further on an intel chip.
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