Does anyone here know the ASRock P45DE3?

My motherboard broke down last week, so i'm planning on buying a new one now.

I want to upgrade my system by overclocking it because it's getting a little slow now.

my CPU is the Q6600, and my graphic card is the 9800GTX.

I want to overclock the CPU really high and in order to do so i think i am going to buy the Noctua NH-D14 HSF cooling system.

The problem that i have is that i'm not shure which motherboard i should buy.

i want DDR3-1600 Memory, 4x 2Gb.

my budget that high that i can afford the top line, i won't go above 150$.

I went to the sites of the mayor companies, Asus, Gigabyte, Msi, Intel and ASRock and the only motherboard i found that could run 4x 2gb DDR3-1600 internal memory was the ASRock P45DE3.

the motherboard looks nice, and the specifications are okay, but i can't find any reviews of it. the only ones are of customers who are not happy with the durability.

So my question: does anyone know the motherboard?
and is there another motherboard that might suit me?
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  1. Thank you for your reply.

    I think i will buy a new p45 then, but that motherboard has 4x ddr2 memory slots, and i don't plan on filling only 2 of them.

    My current DDR2-memory is not good enough i think.
    I've got two of these:
    Isn't 800 mhz too low, compared to the newer ones?

    The thing is that the price difference between ddr2 and ddr3 is not big anymore, and to me it seems like a waste of money not to buy the DDR3.....

    Selling my q6600 is not an option, but i can trade my q6600 with a friend for his q8300, can that cpu profit from DDR3?

    And about the cooler, i want to overclock my CPU to about 3.6 ghz, don't i need a better cooler for that than the coolermaster Hyper 212+?
  2. So you say that i should buy one of the cheapest p45 i can find, with 2 DDR2 slots.

    my impression was that my DDR2 memory was actually too slow and would not be able to keep up with a q6600 CPU @3.6 ghz.
    but do you know whether my DDR2 is overclockable?, because sometimes i already find it a little slow.

    btw, dou you know a good overclockable p45?
  3. Thanks for helping me!
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