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Hello,in my PC power supply there is only five output cable and all of them are in use and i need additional cable because i want to customized my PC with lights...etc
i don't know if there is other solution to this problem instead of purchasing another power supply which is very costly can you please help me
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  1. Do you mean the 4 pin molex connectors?

    Well you could daisy chain them along, but it's probably not a particularly good idea if you're planning on hooking several on to the same cable.
  2. What are your system specs? It'd be nice if we knew if the PSU could support your add-ons.
  3. There are molex connector splitters available that will convert one to two connectors. However, your power supply needs to have enough watts to power your extra cards, etc.
  4. what is ur current psu?
    what are ur specs?
  5. +1 what jsc said.

    Without information about your power supply and you system components it is impossible to offer a valid recommendation. You mentioned that your power supply only has 5 power cables and they are all being used. If one cable is the 20 or 24 pin cable that is connected to the motherboard, one cable is a 4 pin power cable also connected to the motherboard, and there are only three remaining power cables for peripherals, then that suggests you "might" have a low power, low wattage power supply.
  6. even if the op is saying that it has 5 molex connectors that still leads me to think its an elcheapo 250w psu or something like that!!!
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