Toshiba external Hard drive trouble

Hey again

I have another problem. This time with the toshiba 6gb external hard drive. MK6014MAP.

i plugged it in before and removed all the stuff last night. Then when i finished everything stopped and i had to turn off my pc at the switch. Now every time i plug it in. Either My computer doesn't respond or if it does it doesn't recognize it. But i can see it in device manager


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  1. If you search through this forum, you will find many threads with detailed responses for this. The short version is to do the following and stop when you get your data back.
    1) Take drive out of external casing. Attach to mobo. Try again.
    2) Use simple utility like EASEUS Partition recovery.
    3) Use complicated utility that reads drive sector-by-sector and tries to recover files.
    4) Ask for more help.
    5) Take $2000 to a data-recovery lab.

    Good luck
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