6Gb/s hdd for ASUS motherboard ?

Lads, I have a brand spanking new P8P67-M Pro which boasts on the box (and on the board itself) that it supports 6Gig sata, but Ive no clue (and cant really find) a drive to plug into this baby to take advantage.
I'd like to squeeze all I can out of this board so any further tips also appreciated.
Ive had a look and cant find a hdd or any other device to plug into this awesome-sounding sata port. Cheers all.
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  1. Many SATA 3 SSD's will saturate the 6Gbps bus. If you want something speedy to plug into that port get a SATA 3 SSD.
  2. Look for "SATA III" hard drives as opposed to "SATA II" (II = 3gb/s, III - 6gb/s).

    HDDs will almost certainly not fill the whole 6gb/s bandwidth. SSDs may.
  3. If you post what country you are looking in/websites you want to buy from, I can find you a link.
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    There is really no point in getting a SATA 3 HDD. A SATA 3 HDD will not even use the bandwidth available on SATA 2 (3Gbps or about 270MBps after overhead) only some HDD’s will saturate SATA 1. Get a SATA 3 SSD or Keep the hard drive you have.
  5. Thanks guys. Ok then so SATA II will do the job. I just have this need to plug something into that plus that says "I am the amazing 6gb/s option on your motherboard". Im in Singapore and Australia each month, so have been looking on Techbuy mostly for the right unit. Sounds like a SATA III port is actually a bit of a waste then ? Is there any other device is can plug into this baby ??
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