OC'ing a 1055t on what seems to be a limited BIOS?

I got my 1055t up from 2.8 to 3.28 just by increasing the CPU FSB frequency. However, I think my BIOS functions are limited :(

I can increase the FSB freq but not the NB ratio/frequency. The BIOS is the American Megatrends V1.08. Here's the mobo specs:

MSI Global – Mainboard - K9N2GM-FIH]MSI Global – Mainboard - K9N2GM-FIH

Here was one of the easier to read tuts for the 1055t in an MSI BIOS. I dont have any of that options regarding NB frequency/ratio. I cant even see my NB frequency! It's also a "light" tutorial, so he doesn't even go into increasing voltage.

I'm kind of a beginner/intermediate OC'er so if I sound dumb, I apologize. This is only my 2nd CPU I've tried to unlock. My first was a BE, so all I had to do was increase the multiplier.

Do I just need a mobo with a better BIOS for OC'ing? Can I bring this up some more safely or just leave it at 3.28?

THANKS!!! :pt1cable:
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    yes .. get good mobo Chipset min 880 / 890/ 970 /990 for oc it , if you don't plan upgrade .. try drop your RAM ratio and raise FSB , drop HTlink too .. i never oc 1055T use DDR2 :D
  2. Ok this is what I got...and am up n running >:) Got DDR3-1866 8gb also

    Got kind of a dumb question came with a disk, do I need to do anything with it LOL? It looks like the drivers and stuff. Its been a long time since I actually built a PC from the mobo up.

  3. and 1 ..good cooler ? hyper 212 evo or other, that mobo ready for OC but power .. is 5power phase design ... isn't good . you much over 10$ and get GIGABYTE GA-970A-UD3 AM3+ .. had 8+2 power phase
  4. Yeah got a hyper 212...
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