Xigmatek Utgard / NZXT Hades

Planning on replacing my NZXT Blackline (80mm fans are just too noisy) and so looking for a new case in the £60-70ish range.
A couple of the ones which I like the look of so far are these two:

I know most people rant about how good the Coolermaster cases are at this sort of price but they've never really appealed to me much, just wondering if anyone's tried out these two or got any other cases in this range which are half decent.

Has to be at least big enough to fit a Thermalright Mux-120 in it, something which my Blackline's side fan is incapable of doing..
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  1. Seems the Mux-120 wont fit easily inside the Hades so that's out of the picture, still trying to find something better in the price range but from the reviews I've read the Utgard looks to be a top option.

    Anyone had a chance to compare it to similarly priced Coolermaster chasis / has an opinion against it?
  2. At a width of 222mm (8.74 inches) the Xigmatek Utgard is wide enough to easily accomodate any of the 160mm tall, tower style, cpu heatsinks and still have room on the side panel for a case fan. :D

    The Hades is 200mm (7.87 inches) wide and can also accomodate tall cpu heatsinks. Not quite sure about a fan on the side panel.

    I took a look at the specifications and photos. I am fairly certain the Xigamatek has better ventilation, airflow, and cooling.
  3. Looks like I'll be getting the Xigmatek seems to offer considerably better value for money when compared with the Antec 900/CM 690, tempted to get a 220mm fan for the front as well, but struggling to find a place which actually sells something of that size.
    Not even Xigmatek themself seem to make one and all ebay has are glowing blue antec ones..
  4. Thanks! Now I just need to find somewhere in the UK whick sells it.
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