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Hello everyone, I have a dilemma for you all. :P

I've used an XFX radeon HD 6850 at the stock clock of 775 mhz for awhile now, and I've been very happy with it. However, I've read of people OC'ing it to 1GHZ + Core Clock & 1100 + Memory Clock. I OC'd it at 850 MHz for some time in CCC 12.10, but I wanted to push it to the max. So, I downloaded TRIXX and tried to put the Core Clock at 1000 MHz, Memory Clock at 1193 MHZ, and the VDDC at 1193 MHZ. However, whenever I set it up like that and hit apply, it brings it back to the highest clock I can do at CCC (I have CCC 12.10) which is 850 MHz. I also tried MSI Afterburner, to the same effect. Now, I'm new to the world of Desktops, GPU's and overclocking, so what are my options here? Thanks!
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  1. Just because someone on the internet can hit 1ghz with their card, doesn't mean yours will. REMEMBER, every chip is different!

    You'll have to experiment around to figure out what is the max OC your card can hit. Have you tried increasing the voltage?
  2. Actually, it seems like there`s no one here can figure out what is the the solution for this problem here becouse i had posted here before and http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/280183-11-best-gpus-testing-software
  3. i've worked with 2 6850's and a 6870(mine) that wouldn't take any kind of OC with out crashing...

    not OC friendly cards from what i've gathered. nothing wrong with it... these cards are stout cards
  4. Maybe Trixx and CCC are conflicting? Try Disabling CCC maybe. But hitting 1Ghz is rare with the 6850 most get to 900-975Mhz Core and ram is hard to get stable only a few do 1200, mine only does 1100 stable at stock voltage.
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