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I'm planning to buy a Processor that could handle my Gtx 285, I currently have Q6600 @ 2.40 which is too slow for my GPU. What cpu will be the best price-performance that will put my gpu to its full potential?

CPU - Q6600
GPU - GTX 285
Mem - 8Gb
Mon - 22" @1680 x 1050
Mobo - P5Q SE2
PSU - HEC 550w
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  1. try overclocking your cpu..
  2. Q6600 is one of great CPU. it has great OC potential. i still remember some people saying that if you have Q6600 and can OC the processor well there is no need to get something like Q9550 (stock clock @ 2.83Ghz)
  3. thankz for the reply guys. :)
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