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Hello,i will buy i new computer and it has a Nvidia GeForce 6150SE graphic card and a AMD Sempron 140 (2.7GHz).Is this pc any good?
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  1. Yea, it should be fine for most things.
    But it isn't a gaming computer.
  2. What are your main needs for this computer that computer will be fine for internet browsing and Apps like word and stuff like that but it will not be able to really play games that well.
  3. i will use it to play games
  4. Hmm, It can play most older games, should be able to play WoW with the
    6150 and Sempy 140 at medium settings.

    Is this an onboard graphics card ?
    You can purchase an aftermarket PCIe card (for about 100 bucks)
    to add if needed.
    Which will be a much better upgrade than the 6150.
  5. why???
    i was watching some videos on youtube with the Nvidia 6150se graphi card and it play crysis in low settings
  6. Ok, if you are satisfied with then have fun.
  7. ok...i dont believe in youtube videos......can i play crysisi with this pc?
  8. Play Crysis? I thought you said it plays it on low settings?

    Low settings is really all you will get, and it should be choppy jerky and slow.
  9. ok.....thx
  10. but can i play game like PES 2009?
  11. Just so you know i bought a hp with amd 64x2 4800 @2.5 and it has the nvidia 6150se. I am assuming this is the graphics that are integrated in the mobo. If its the same one integrated 128mb? i believe. i couldn't even play cod 2 at 800x600 on low settings. So playing any of those WOW or games even buying a $50 graphics card would increase it immensely
  12. i didnt understand good because im not english......can i play games like PES9,PES8 or not?
  13. No you will not be able to play that game without a dedicated graphics card. So if you get that PC you will need to add a graphics card to get any sort of frame rate to have a playable game. I had an old nforce board with that same intergrated video and I was unable to play anything other then some java games I only used it for about a week like that it was pretty bad so if you want to play games get a graphics card.
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