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Ok so for about a week now my computer would crash under heavy load, and I put off doing anything about it till yesterday. Anyways I downloaded everest and sure enough my CPU was running really hot, like 55-60 C at or around idle. I opener it up and it was super dusty so I went and bought a can of compressed air and cleaned it out real good. Not sure if this has anything to do with my current problem, but after I hooked it back up and hit the power button I got the long beep indicating my RAM wasn't being recognized, so I just pulled the RAM out and then put it back in. On the next try I got the standard beep, but then it just sat at my BIOS loading screen, which lately my computers been sitting there for a while, like up to 30 sec., and then something inside just clicked and it shut off. After repeated attempts, in which it does the exact same thing, I've noticed I can tap the caps lock button on my keyboard and get the light to turn on and off, and then about 10-15 sec. in it becomes unresponsive. I've also gone into BIOS but I still lose keyboard responsiveness to quick to actually do anything. Does this sound like a power supply problem to you guys? I kinda went cheap with this power supply, its a Dynex, which does make me think its probably the source of my problems, but I'm sure some of you have way more experience than me diagnosing computer problems, so any helpful thoughts or ideas would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Sounds more like overheating to me 55-60 at Idle way to hot should be in the 30s at idle depending on yoour CPU but most new processors will idle in the 30s. You said you used compressed air to clean the dust out well you might have dislodged the Heatsink on the CPU itself it might have already been a little loose and you might have made it worse. You will have to reapply thermal compund if you remove the heatsink don't just try to stick it back on with the old compound it will make it worse. If its an Intel processor and it is useing them crappy pins that hold the heatsink on they can be a real pain to get tight and to stay so I would check that first.

    If that doesnt help my next step would be to check the RAM make sure they are all working try booting with just one stick if you have multiple sticks if you have another computer to test them in would help too same with the PSU.
  2. Thanks for the advice, but the problem is that the computer just shuts off after about 30 seconds of booting up, and the keyboard is unresponsive after like the first 10 sec. So right now I can't even see if cleaning it out solved the overheating problem or not. Basically what would cause my computer to shut off when its about 30 sec. in to booting up? and the keyboard becomes unresponsive while my BIOS screen is still sitting there, if that helps at all.
  3. Heat would explain that 90% of the time but could be power supply too. Like I said did you check to make sure the heatsink is tightly secured on the processor if there is a slight gap the CPU will overheat and shut down and if you do this enough it could kill the processor.
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