Is this normal for CF xfx radeon 7970

this is my score on 3dmark 11 i have a mild overclock at 980/1475, i was wondering if this is normal or am i seeing a low score for crossfire radeon 7970s

my rig:
MB: Gigabyte z77x UP7
CPU : i7 3770k stock
gpu: crossfire xfx radeon 7970 @ 980/1475
rams : 16gb corsair vengeance 1333mhz 4x4
psu : ocz zx 1250w

i installed CC 12.11 beta drivers if that makes any difference then 12.10. any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks
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  1. oh and on top of that, my fps dropped in a game i play often. i used to get a stable 330-360 fps and now I'm getting 250-280 :\
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