9800 gtx (+) or XFX GT240

I dont know which of these two graphic cards should i buy. I'm playing games (COD2) so, I need more FPS. My processor isn't so cool, it's a 3.0 Ghz Intel Pentium :heink: :na: :cry: i have 4 GB of ram. It's a DELL OPTIPLEX GT620 a small case. I dont know can one of these graphic cards get in the pc..

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  1. your pentium 4 will surely bottlenecking both cards. but 9800GTX+ is way more powerful than GT240. GT240 with GDDR5 memory are on par with 9600GT. just to be sure when you mention COD2 did you not referring to modern warfare 2? COD2 is an old game even pentium 4 and some older card can max out the game already. but if you want to play modern games you may want to get better card.
  2. can the 9800 gtx+ get in my case, it's medium case
  3. It might, the 9800GTX+ & GT240 aren't even in the same league, the GT 240 is less powerful than a 9600GT which is less than a 9800GT which is less than a 9800GTX.
  4. Agree. 9800GTX+ is more powerful than GT240.
    What about PSU? brand? model?
    Same as the others, your pent.4 will bottlenecking the card... :)
  5. Quote:
    your pentium 4 will surely bottlenecking both cards

    I'm not sure if you are interested in upgrading that first, but I think the CPU would keep you from gaining any real benefit from either card. That was my last chip, and it was bottlenecking my 7800GT. I hate to discourage you, but maybe these could help:




    Either way, Good Luck!
  6. GT 240 @ $99 vs 5670 @ $99.
    5670 wins, don't even buy the GT 240, 5670 has DX11, Eyefinity, more powerful.
    They are both overpriced at $99 though, I would go for a 4670.
  7. i'm wondering about this for quite a while. is HD5670 powerful enough to set up eyefinity configuration? also i've seen many people say card below HD5750 is not worth to get if it just for the dx11 stuff since the performance is not up to the task for tessellation in DX11
  8. The GT 260 is way more powerful than either the 9800GTX or the GT 250, which on all accounts are the same card.
    The 5770 Radeon is only a 128-bit interface card much like the old 7600GT nvidia, due to it's architecture can hang with the big boys somewhat. But on all counts the BFG Maxcore 55 GTX 260 OC is one hell of a card to beat, and a great deal running around $150 now....especially with its 'new' chip and a 448-bit interface. It smokes.
  9. where did you find that GTX260 for $150? i thought that most GTX260 that available today sells for $200+ because of lack of availability thanks to nvidia decision to stop supplying high end G200 chips to the market
  10. one more question. Can i put the 9800 gtx+ in my motherboard, it's a DELL OPTIPLEX GX620. I really dont know, can you guys help me. And how you mean "bottlenecking the card".. the card will not work on 100% of the card preformance or??
  11. depend on your case size and space. if you want to know more you can check nvidia site for the card's actual size. but rather than getting 9800GTX+ i think it is better for you to get GTS250. same thing just using less power than 9800GTX+.
    on the bottlenecking issue the card will work just fine but your processor will hold its true performance. if you have money i think you should upgrade your CPU and motherboard as well.
  12. GTS 250

    Height 4.376 inches (111 mm)
    Length 9 inches (228.6 mm)
    Width Dual-slot


    Height 4.376 inches (111 mm)
    Length 10.5 inches
    Width Dual-slot

    I dont know
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