AMD vs Intel?

Which do you think is better?
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  1. I have both and like both.
  2. dude, stop, this topic has been played an infinite number times, please do us all as well as the mods a favor and delete this thread,

  3. As stated before, both companies give me that warm fuzzy feeling inside. :love:
  4. Its not bad enough that this is so played out but then you have to double post it.

    Mods just delete this crap Thanks:D
  5. Pointless topic is stupid.
    It's like comparing Ati and Nvidia, they're both good, being a fanboy is retarded.
  6. Who do I prefer as a company? Well if you want me to pick between what I perceive to be two evils (multinational Corporations)... it would be he whom has participated in less corruptive behaviors.

    That would be AMD.

    But I make my purchases based on product performance... not company allegiances.
  7. Which is better? Blue or Green? hehe.
  8. sirheck said:
    Which is better? Blue or Green? hehe.

    orange is

    and i couldn't vote since mine goes for VIA
  9. Neither: They are both multinational corporations run by groups of individuals who's primary motivation is Profit.

    There is nothing to "like", or to "dislike". Merely product which either fulfills it's intended purpose, or falls short. Else is just Fanboi bullsh*t.
  10. Me likes AMD :D

    Of course, if I had an unlimited amount of money to spend I'd go wit ha water cooled i7 980X along with 4 x 2GB Radeon 5870s and an eyefinity 6 setup :bounce:
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