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Hello. so i have overclocked my 2500k obviously and am wondering if the settings are safe? 4.6ghz at 1.36volts max temp is 55celcius. trying to get to 4.7ghz stable. any suggestions?
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    As far as safe yes, your 2500K runs the same voltage as mine did at that multiplier, so to reach 47x 1.39 should put you in the ballpark, but you'll have more load temperature to go with it.

    Most of us running the 2500K experimented to see what we could actually do with it and then dropped down to 45x at 1.325 to run 24/7, I'm not telling you to do that just sharing information with you.

    If yours will run the same voltage as mine did you may be on the plus or minus side of these numbers but just, FYI:

    48x at 1.42
    49x at 1.45
    50x at 1.48

    Whatever you do with yours keep it as cool as you possibly can!

    Good Luck! Ryan
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