HDD of 5400 RPM + i5 2.4 + Nvidia GT330 M 512 +1066 DDR3

Hi guys ,

I am planning to get a good notebook.... :)


These are the specs :

Intel Core i5 2.4
Nvidia GT330M GDDR3 512Mb :D
DDR3 RAM 1066MHz
HDD of 5400RPM :??:

Please advise me,

that will it make a big differene in 5400 and 7200 rpm... :ouch:


Your Opinion about GPU performance....for Multimedia Editing and Somewhat Gaming (Weekends) ...and what is GDDR3 ???

Thank you.
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    7200 vs 5400: this is the speed the hard drive spins at. the hard drive stores data. A 7200 rpm will perform better but consume more power. Personally, I don't think the increase to 7200 is worth it. Especially since the only thing it will affect is game loading times... and only marginally.

    That is an excellent GPU for a laptop. You'll do more than fine with it. Here:

    Of course you will have to lower some settings in newer games especially but that's expected with a laptop.

    GDDR3 is the graphics memory. GDDR2<GDDR3<GDDR4 etc. It does not affect performance nearly as much as the actual chip (ie GT330M) but the memory type will make a slight difference. Don't worry about it. GDDR3 is good.

    Need anything else, just let me know.
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