Do I really change my GPU?

I ran 2 test and this are the results

1- High preset 1920x1080

2- Performance preset 1920x1080

My rig specifications are.

1- Phenom II X4 955
2- GTX260
3- 4GB Crucial Ballistix Tracer 80MMHz
4- MSI K9A2 Platinum
5- 2x500GB Hitachi

Both test was runing at stock speed in the CPU and GPU.So, Do you think that I need a new GPU? or something more...

Can I wait to Fermi comes out to change my mobo, RAM and get a GPU from ATI or Nvidia?., depends of the Fermi's performance.

Thx for the advices....
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  1. Well, according to the charts, on a resolution of 1280x1024 and default quality, the 260 should be getting a score of 7100ish. I can guess that the score is in line with that.

    The real question isn't how it does in a synthetic benchmark. How does it perform in the games you play? If the computer plays everything fine, you don't need an upgrade. If it doesn't, then you should consider either adding a second 260 in SLI or picking up an HD 5850 (or higher).
  2. I agree with MadAdmiral. Who cares what your system scores in a benchmark? It's real-world gaming performance that really matters. My work blocks inline images, so I can't see your screenshots.

    A 5850 would game very well at your resolution. You don't have the option of adding another GTX 260 in SLI if this is your motherboard.

    The 790FX chipset supports Crossfire, but not SLI. If the system is not performing like you would like in games, I would sell your GTX 260 for as much as you can and pick up a 5850.
  3. Well, in games like GRID i can get 180 FPS at high details. Is that a good performance?

    I really want wait for the Fermi's performance and take a desition about ATI or nVidia. Depends of the performance comparation, I would get a M4A79T Deluxe or Crosshair III for CrossFire 2x5850 or the same mobo but only with a nVidia GPU.
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    Considering that anything over 60 FPS is not visible, that's good performance.
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