Motherboard cpu compatibility

Can my motherboard

Upgrade to this cpu?

And do all LGA 775 CPU's work with all LGA 775 motherboards as long as the motherboard supports that cpu's front side bus?
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  1. According to this "unofficial" list the answer is NO the Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 is not listed -

    Hope this answers your question.
  2. Thanks, that really helps. So will this one work?

    The q9505 is on the list but what does the s after it mean? q9505s
  3. Yes, according to that list... Too seems like overkill $ CPU/MOBO, but that's just my opinion.
  4. fatedcloud said:
    Thanks, that really helps. So will this one work?

    The q9505 is on the list but what does the s after it mean? q9505s

    's' denotes a lower TDP model.. The Q9505s has a TDP of 65W whereas the Q9505 has a TDP of 95W..

    If you have around 300$ to spend, i'll recommend moving onto for a full platform sweep.. You can get a AMD Athlon II X4 640 along with a compatible motherboard and 4 gigs of RAM for a little over the price of that CPU..
  5. I only have ddr2 memory to use though. so it would be interesting to find an AMD motherboard and a AMD Athlon II X4 640 that would be compatible with my ddr2 memory.

    And about the q9505s, that means that the regular q9505 is not compatible? or would it probably work?

    I just want a processor that won't bottleneck my GTX 460 like my current processor is doing. I need a very good processor to do what i need it to do. The max i can spend is basically 250 to fix this problem.
  6. A good idea to go would be to go with an intel i3 motherboard combo but i've yet to find one that supports ddr2 memory
  7. The Core i3 is a dual core, and 1 GB of RAM isn't really enough I'd say. Try this:

    AMD Athlon II X4 635 2.9 GHz - $99.99

    MSI NF750-G55 - $99.99

    GeIL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 - $72.99

    It's around $20 over your limit but quite a bit more powerful.
  8. Microsoft strikes again though. My OEM won't work if i upgrade the motherboard will it?
    If only all the gaming companys and Nvidia would all just move to Debian Linux then everything would be all good.
  9. ^ You'll be fine activating MS OS over the phone. Sorry, last night Tom's went down and I got into something else.
  10. Last time i talked to microsoft on the phone it was a 5 hour endevour, 3 hours of hold and nothing happened.
  11. ^Activation is automated, and 2 days ago after replacing a MOBO + reformatting it took me ~ 5-10 minutes; reactivated WIN 7 Pro.

    {Help} is a whole different animal.
  12. But the OEM is tied to only that motherboard. If i switched motherboard and tried activating it would say that the product code is invalid, no?
  13. ^ I understood. In my case a GA -> ASUS. If you switch MOBOs then I'd do a clean install.
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