ASUS P6T SE IO shield backplate

my motherboard didn't come with a shield backplate. so i need one. ASUS eStore don't have it for some reason. :(
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  1. Is this a new board? It should have come with it if so. Call Asus customer service directly. Otherwise, if this is second hand or something, you could try eBay.
  2. it is second hand. i have searched ebay and i couldn't find anything.
  3. Your motherboard will work fine without a i/o shield.

    The shield gives some support to the ports, and perhaps keeps out a bit of dust.

    The motherboard is grounded by the psu and the standoffs, so no worry there.

    You could use a dremel to modify the shield that came with your case or any other shield.

    An exact fit is not necessary.
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