How to format laptop without deliting drivers

can i format my laptop with out deleting the drivers
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  1. If you mean installed drivers, no, not if the drivers are on the same partition as the OS.
  2. U can back up the drivers, but downloading new one, latest is always the best thing to do : )

  3. As the others said, no. Drivers are kept on the Windows partition, and if you're going to be formatting then you will lose them all.

    However you will be able to get the most recent drivers from your laptop vendors website.
    Google their name and go to their site. Drivers are usually under the Support section, and most have a spot where you can type in the model number of the laptop.
  4. u can keep the drivers installed if you install the windows without formatting it.
    i mean, press (next) on c: disk but dont press the (format) option, as shown in the below link.
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