Best VGA for a maximum of $180?


I want to buy a new VGA card for my desktop so I can play this year games comfortably, I don't want to pay more than
180$. My motherboard is the Intel DP35DP, CPU: Q6600, RAM: 4GB DDR2 800MHz, Windows 7 64-bit is installed and I currently have a 7300GT 512MB VGA.

Thank you for your suggestions
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  1. Get a 5770 off the egg for around 160-180$
    What resolution you playing at?
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    How big is your screen?

    Probably looking at a ATI Radeon 5770 at that price point. Here's some reading to help you even further:,2521.html

    You can check out for relatively lower prices on graphics cards (compared to places like best buy or retail outlets)
  3. My screen is a Samsung LCD 20" (2033SN PLUS) with a resolution of 1600 x 900. Based on the link 'aberchonbie' posted, I think the Inno3D Geforce GTS 250 1GB DDR3 is enough for me.
    Thank you
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  5. The blurbs in that article about resolution use adjectives that greatly overstate things imo. The GTS 250 will be good for your resolution but not great. I would recommend the HD5770 or at least an HD5750 so you have a DX11 card. If you don't want either of those the HD4850 is usually cheaper than the GTS 250 while offering similar performance.
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