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Hey guys, new to these forums and I figured I'd asked you guys first.

I'm embarking on a new Pc build (first one in 5 years) and have been out of the loop for a while. I'm having a hard time trying to figure out which graphics card to get. I'm trying to keep it under 200, but would go over if need be.

Just bought a core i7 920 and an Asus P6T Deluxe v2.

I plan on editing AVCHD files from our new HD camcorder, and would also love to play the occasional game or two (Far Cry 2 perhaps)

I really don't plan on running SLI or crossfire, but still would want something ....sick looking.

I havent bought a new monitor yet, but probably wouldnt be going any bigger then a 23 inch (single monitor)

any thoughts?
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  1. check out this graphics review..,2521.html

    if you're running at 23" (guessing it's 1920x1080 resolution), you're gonna want to spend at least up to Radeon 4850. If you're gonna play demanding games, you need to get a better card than a 4850 to get smooth framerates
  2. 200 what?, Dollars (US/AUS), Pebbles or Sterling...?
  3. For your budget go with a 5770 for around 160$, or wait a few days for the 5830 which is probably going to be priced around 220$ or if you want last-gen tech go with a 4890 for 180ish
    The 5830 will be replacing the market area of the 4890 while the 5770 has replaced the market of the 4870
  4. If you're concerned with Direct X 11 stick with a 5XXX. Probably 5770.
  5. I say a Radeon 4890 if your simply concerned with performance per dollar. Get the 5770 if you're more concerned about DX11
  6. anything from the NVidia camp or do ATI really have a grasp on the market right now?

    Ive been hearing about alot of grey screen issues with the 5770 and am kinda of concerned about purchasing this card if there is going to be issue..
  7. if you want performance go with a 4890
    the 5xxx series is overpriced and littered with bugs
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