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For choosing a processor the best buy would be the latest 12mb cache + 6.4GT/s processors but i cannot afford both together. I can afford either 5500 Series with less cache but more QPI or 5600 series with more cache but less QPI. Which one should i go for ?

USAGE : 3D renderings & Motion graphics AE CS3

8 MB Cache, 6.4GT/s (5500 Series)


12 MB Cache, 5.8 GT/s (5600 Series)

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    I would say the 8MB Cache, 6.4GTs would be better choice.

    Thnx for help but can u explain why you prefer this model ? I mean put some light on technical aspects.
  3. The X5550 has a higher memory bandwidth and supports up to 1333 mhz RAM your programs you are running will benefit better from faster RAM speeds. But to be honest they will both about perform very similar so you might as well go with whatever is cheaper.
  4. OK one more thing, in CPU banchmarks I can see DUAL E5520 reaching at score of 9,375. Now E5620 has just 4MB more cache but same QPI. Can u guess at what score DUAL E5620 will reach ? There are not enough benchmarks for 5600 series thats why i'm asking this ?

    The difference between X5570 & X5670 is of 4000 score.
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