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Is there a difference between CPU Socket Type and CPU Type? I was looking on NewEgg at Motherboards and they have listed, for example, CPU Socket Type LGA1366 and below that CPU Type i7 (LGA1366). Am I able to use any LGA1366 cpu or only specifically an i7 LGA1366 only?
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    Yes. LGA 775 CPU's are only compatible with LGA 775 motherboards. LGA 1156 only compatible with 1156 and so on. And it depends if your motherboard bios is compatible with that specific processor. Sometimes you need a bios update and other times no bios update is available so it won't work.
  2. Ok, so if it specifically says CPU Type i7 then I should just assume that an i5 LGA1366 probably wont work because of the BIOS.
  3. If you look into the motherboard model and do some searching, like the manufacturer of that motherboard you should be able to find a list of all compatible cpu's for that motherboard. You don't really know till you do some looking really or you try for yourself. It's the same socket so it just depends on the motherboard bios.
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    There are s1156 i7's and s1366 i7's. If you buy a s1156 i7, then you need a s1156 motherboard. It's not rocket science dude.

    There is no s1366 i5!

    I think i already have my answer and using the i5 s1366 was a bad example since it doesn't exist. Basically I was asking why a motherboard would specifically list the i7 as the cpu type when the socket would fit an i3, i5 or an i7.
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