Laptop Colors are off, black shows blue, convergence seems off

I recently Craigslisted an Alienware m5500 Laptop

every other day or so the video goes a litte haywire.

The white turns an off white color (yellowish) and all the black images appear blue. Also the colors don't seam to mesh. (lines don't match up.

The convergence seems off. When I shut the laptop lid (sometimes) or load a Full Screen
game it seems to go away for a bit. I have pulled the Video Heatsink and fan. All looks in order. A new graphics card (MXM) is around $150 used and is very labor intensive. Do you guys think a well used LCD ribbon cable could cause this? Any home remedies? I am pretty good with Laptop's. Any help would be awesome!
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  1. Sounds like a connection issue to me. I would clean all of the connectors and try again, also that laptop has poor heat distribution as I believe the single fan kicks on as the result of the CPU's temp not the GPU's. What you can do to help the heat issues is to get a copper plate about 1cm x 1cm and about 1mm thick. Take off the thermal pad on the gpu and apply some arctic silver to the gpu then place the plate on top then put some on top of the plate and put the heat sink back on. Make sure not to let the plate slide.

    If you start getting artifacts then there is something physically wrong with the graphics card, you can try reflowing at that point using your oven if you dont have a table.
  2. Seems like a bad wire conection to the screen.
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