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Hi guys

I just recently built a new system ( my first system build), in it I have a i7-930 and its idling right now while its installing motherboard drivers and such to the OS, at around 87C ( from 77-87 on the cores), which is way too high for me, I read around and people are saying their i7's on stock are idling at like 57C.

Anyone want to help me out and figure it out, dont really want to fry my processor, especially since i just got it.

Things that might matter:

My Motherboard : Gigabyte's GA-EX58-UDR3

I didnt use any thermal paste on my build, just what was included on the bottom of the stock cooler from intel (I read somewhere that it was not required so I didnt put any additional on there)
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    Stop running your system at that temperature, you will burn it out quickly.

    Check that your heatsink is probably applied, i bet one of your pushpins isnt properly seated. You shouldnt be idling more than 40C, even thats almost 20C over room temp which is a ton.
  2. So i should take off the heatsink and put it back on there and turn it back on and see what happens? (will try there in like 30 minutes, just turned it off, dont want to burn myself taking it off) Any other suggestions though as to what it could be?
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  4. This has been solved, thanks guys, re-seating the heat sink brought my temps down to like 50 C hopefully that is good enough.
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