Ati hd 5850 or 5870?

Well im trying to find out if theres any mayor difference between these two graphic cards, i mean is it worth to spend 420 dollars on a 5870 or with a 5850 is enough to play with high performance for a long time, without having to spend so much money, i mean the 5850 cost like 100 dollars less.
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  1. The 5870 has 160 more stream processors higher 125mhz higher core clock and 800mhz faster memory.

    With a little overclocking it will perform almost as good as the 5870.

    The 5850 will hold up quite well it will perform great and should keep you going for the next year or 2 and then you could always crossfire it later if you need more power.

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  2. What does this have to do with CPUs? O.o
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