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I recently ordered all of the parts for my first pc build with the intent of having the fastest productivity pc in the family. I will be using gigabyte z77x d3h, 3570k, and hyper 212 evo. I just got the first shipment, and the i5 box says that altering frequency voids the warranty. My most important question is whether to overclock anyways, if so, in what way and how far to go?

I will be using cooler master's storm enforcer case with 2 extra blue sickle-flow fans, how should I assemble the cpu heatsink fans and case fans? 2 sickle-flow on the evo, or something else?

EDIT: changed motherboard name.
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  1. hello?
  2. Simple answer. Don't overclock it yet. See how it runs.
  3. Intel has a warranty program for overclockers. It an additional cost, but if you feel the need to push your cpu to it's limit. it may be worth it.
  4. What babernet_1 said.

    If you aren't satisfied tho, you should be able to get a stable OC with reasonable temps somewhere between 4.2 and 4.4. Just have to be deliberate with upping the multiplier one tick at a time and running Prime95 or OCCT to see how things go. Modern CPUs do a great job of throttling or shutting down if you do something crazy but there's still no guarantee.

    As a frame of reference, I got 4.4 without a voltage change before becoming unstable.
  5. Most overclocking is not worth the effort in potential damage, additional heat, additional electricity and the additional cost associated with all 3 of those.

    People that typically do it, do it for the challenge of doing it more than the speed increase. If you are going to use this machine as your main machine and want more speed then get a faster processor and be done with it.
  6. I don't want to push it as far as it can go, I just want a moderate increase in performance, so how can I achieve this?
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    WRT to Skippy, I forgot to mention to leave SpeedStep on. The CPU will idle at 1.6 and increase as needed til it hits the default max or whatever you set the OC to.

    That way, during normal web surfing, movie watching, word processing you idle and draw no more power than you would if you didn't have an overclock. The heat and power consumption will minimal unless you are doing something that hammers the crap out of the CPU a great deal of the time.
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