Which Mobo w/AMD 965

i'm getting a new amd 965 but don't know if any of the boards that you can bundle it with are crap or not in this deal:


this is a non gaming office/home machine. any help with these boards?
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  1. Hi 2000xpsd and welcome to Tom's hardware forum.

    What is the main use that u want for the rig?
  2. graphic design layout using adobe cs5 for the most part...nothing 3d or crazy like that. Web surfing or course. multitasking. No gaming.
    btw i know sandyb is coming out but i can't wait
  3. I'd go with the M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 or M4A87TD/USB3 the others aren't very good just select the best fur ur budget,
  4. thanks
    anything specific that makes them better???
    forgot to mention also that i probably won't overclock it...at least for now
  5. 1- Brand: Both ASUS and MSI are very good manufacturers ASUS has more experience and a little more quality
    2- Even if u don't want OC always is better get a good and solid mobo mor if u want it for CS5
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