GTX 260 vs. HD 5770

I've tried to get some info. on these two cards in other forums but not much luck. I'm looking for details about the cards before I buy the BFG GTX 260 from and they will be in stock the 4th of this month.

The use of the card will be for gaming. I would like one that can run MW2 with no problems maxed out and I will be using dual display in the future.

I'll start out by listing some links of cards and let me know which one of the GTX 260's you think is the best and which one of the 5770's you think is the best. Then we can compare the best out of the two..

Here's my setup right now.

Motherboard: ASRock K10N78 NVIDIA GeFoce 8200 Chipset
CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 630 Processor 2.8GHz
OS:Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 3 32bit
HDD: Samsung 200GB
RAM: 3328MB

The only other upgrade I may be getting soon is the Mobo, RAM, and Windows 7 64bit
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  1. They have charts on this site, you know.
  2. The key is, how important is DX11 to you ? The 4870 and 260 outperform the 5770 by about 10% or better on DX9/10. The 5770 can do DX11, but not at 1920 resolution just doesn't have the bandwidth even with Dirt2's minor incorporation of DX11 features to give 30 fps. Here's more....but keep in mind that the price points have changed since this was written.

    The value of the 5770 in particular is clearly not going to be in its performance. Compared to AMD’s 4870, it loses well more than it wins, and if we throw out Far Cry 2, it’s around 10% slower overall. It also spends most of its time losing to NVIDIA’s GTX 260, which unfortunately the 4870 didn’t have so much trouble with. AMD clearly has put themselves in to a hole with memory bandwidth, and the 5770 doesn’t have enough of it to reach the performance it needs to be at.

    If you value solely performance in today’s games, we can’t recommend the 5770. Either the 4870 1GB or the GTX 260 would be the better buy.

    So here’s the bottom line for the 5770: Unless you absolutely need to take advantage of the lower power requirements of the 40nm process (e.g. you pay a ton for power) or you strongly believe that DirectX 11 will have a developer adoption rate faster than anything we’ve seen before for DirectX, the 1GB 4870 or GTX 260 is still the way to go.

    The hitch here is due in part to the 5770's pricing as compared to the 4870 / 260, the latter two cards have skyrocketed from the $155 when this article was written to over $200 in many cases. As a result, it's hard for me to recommend the 260 or the 4870 unless you can find one at a decent price. As a result, until prices get "normal" again, I have been suggesting that peeps move up to the 58xx series or down to the 250.
  3. +1 with Jack. The cheapest 260 is 190.00 today. They are all sold out, but keep an eye out for the GTX275 they have had a couple models for 229.00 , 240.00
    Its a very fast card, and fills a gap right now before the 5850 at 289.00 price point.
  4. Yes I've seen the charts of course and know that the gtx is a few cards above the radeon but I was looking for a little more info rather than just what frames per second it puts out.. I'd like to know opinions on the directX11 and which card will last me longer and so on..

    I do like the article posted and as much as I'd like the 275 notty, It's just a little out of my price range :D

    I do have the BFG 260 bookmarked until it stocks up and the expected date is feb. 4th so I can't wait to order it then. priced at 179.99

    Now that I know that the directx11 isnt that important.. to me :sleep:
  5. I recently looked into getting the BFG GTX 260 MAXCORE 55 OC (179.99 + tax = ~$195 in CA), and compared it with the HD 48xx which are typically priced comparably, give or take $20 depending on the exact model and whether you buy at amazon or your local store...

    Also looked into the HD57xx which are in a similar price range too.

    Pros and cons: the GTX has less output port options compared to the ATI cards. (no HDMI / DisplayPort onboard, though I suppose you could probably get a DVI to HDMI adapter for a few $..) - but displayport going forward would probably be becoming more common so 'future proofing' might be good here - if video / TV use is your main intent.

    However, the performance of the GTX seems to be a tad (~5 - 10 %) better than the comparably priced radeons - depending again on your exact application - you may or may not see a big difference here.

    My conclusion - if more output ports and graphics compatibility (DirectX 11 & displayport connection) are important for you, go with the 5750 / 5770. If raw performance is your most important feature, go with the GTX 260. If you're rich, get the 58xx :)

    I finally went with the 260 since it supports both CUDA as well as OpenCL (trying to get my hands dirty with some preliminary parallel programming... so I could run my own benchmarks and know which card to get in the future upgrades :)
  6. GTX 260 is the better card.
  7. They are about equal in performance but the HD5770 is DX11, much more power efficient and costs significantly less. The initial reviews showed the GTX 260 being slightly superior in general but those benchmarks were on early drivers. As of now the performance is generally equal so even at the same price the HD5770 is the better card.
  8. Both perform fairly similarly. The ATI 5770 tends to be $40-50 cheaper though. Interestingly the price on the GTX 260 seems to be slowly rising. Right now I'm seeing them @ $199+, where as the two cards I have were both purchased at $180 minus rebates.

    The ATI 5770 will probably run with less energy, and has the advantage of DX11. Keep in mind though, DX11 will take more resources, so if you run a GTX 260 and an ATI 5770 side by side, one with DX11 on and the other with DX10, the GTX 260 would have higher FPS. But that's just because of the resource hit on DX11.

    Either card is a good bet for playing 1920x1080 or lower resolutions, and having good performance with most games.
  9. jerreece said:
    Keep in mind though, DX11 will take more resources, so if you run a GTX 260 and an ATI 5770 side by side, one with DX11 on and the other with DX10, the GTX 260 would have higher FPS. But that's just because of the resource hit on DX11.

    This is not necessarily true. Some games use DX11 to actually increase performance(stalker, battleforge) while some others see no or very little performance drop.
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