ASRock 870 Extreme3 USB3 compatibility

I quite attracted to the ASRock 870 Extreme3 motherboard..

But can the MB support cooler master elite 430 casing?
The casing has usb 2.0 header on the front..
And that MB I think just support USB 3.0..

And does it backward compatibility with usb 2.0?
Then can please suggest me a good CPU for that mb..
Im thinking getting Athlon 640 or phenom X2 555 BE..

Please help..
( sorry for my bad english )
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  1. some good reviews on that board, quite attractive indeed, alc892 audio, have the same audio controler, works well, the frontal ports would be most likely usb 2.0 because i dont know of any cases that use usb 3.0 for front ports so u can put it in any atx case you like

    i would recommend the x4 640, you will be pleased with your choice
  2. I was curious to know why you would reccommend the x4 640 over the phenom X2 555
  3. x4 965 black edition... uh.. nvm..
  4. why did i choose a native 3.0ghz quad over a 3.2ghz dual?
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