How far can I OC my GTX 580?


I'm a bit curious as to how far I can overclock my current GPU, it's the ASUS GTX 580 DirectCU II(Link:


ASUS P8P67 WS Revolution
i5-2500k @ 4.3 GHz
ASUS GTX 580 DirectCU II 1.5GB
Kingston HyperX 1333 MHz 2x 4GB
OCZ Agility 3 120GB SSD
WD Caviar Black 1GB 7200RPM
Corsair 750W 750TX

Currently I'm using the ASUS GPU Tweak software to set my OC on every time I play a demaning game such as Battlefield 3.

Default values:

Core Clock(MHz): 782
GPU Voltage(mV): 1050
Memory Clock(MHz): 4008

Overclock Values:

Core Clock(MHz): 908
GPU Voltage(mV): 1138
Memory Clock(MHz): 4130

I'm using the Core Clock&Voltage Sync so they scale together, it has worked very well so far(not sure if it is recommend though?).
Currently with the OC on, it seems that the Voltage is reaching all the way to the end of the slider, I'm not sure if this means that it is the maximum Voltage the card can take or slight "glitch" in the program.

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  1. I've had my core to 1,000mhz, However I am water cooling my 580GTX cards, with full memory chip coverage, using full coverage water blocks!

    Your card is a 3 slot monster but still being air cooled so temperatures will be your limitations, if you'll check this link, you can see his overclocking results and you're already past those.

    You may possibly safely take your core to around 925mhz ~ 950mhz but you make no mention of the temperatures of what you've already done?

    My concern for you is the memory chips regarding the quote below from TechPowerUp.

    Memory overclocking is working well, even though the memory chips are not cooled by any sort of heatsink

    So I'd be very conservative overclocking the memory.

    Load temperatures will be where your limitations will begin to show up.
  2. Currently I play BF3 at about 66-69C at Full load with OC, but I have enabled Vsync so it is about 60C as the GPU doesn't need to be at 100% to get the Vsync cap.
  3. Those load temps are great with that big air cooler, my load temps with my stock air cooler were 80c.
  4. I overclocked to 925 MHz on Core and didn't touch the memory, Max temp after ~30 mins of BF3 full load(No Vsync) was 69C and I was reaching 80 FPS constantly, the card runs so damn cool at high OC :)
  5. Sweet! :)
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