ASUS M4A77TD AM3 vs GIGABYTE GA-MA770T-UD3P AM3 memory help


I have choices narrowed down to these two boards, kinda leaning towards the asus board due to manual calling for 300 watts vs the GIGABYTE calling for 500w supply. I think both boards only control cpu fan and rear fan, correct me if I am wrong. Ideal I would like motherboard to control intake fan also, but isnt that big of a deal. Hopes Am3 socket will be around for several years!

Needing help finding fastest, cheapest memory sticks. I wanting to find memory that runs closest to 1.5v! 2 by 2+ 4gb.

budget 550-650$

I have a gts240 512 ddr5 waiting for new system.

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  1. Disregard the PSU recommendations in the manuals. The GPU dictates how much overall wattages are needed.

    Out of the 2 mobos, I'd go with ASUS as the layout is better in that the CPU/AUX power connector is by the edge & back I/O. The one in GB is in the middle and it CAN hinder some configs like a big cpu/exhaust cooler. However, the GB has PS/2 keyboard & mouse so if your OS requires 'em, GB it is. i.e. ancient Linux distros. The GB has 6 built-in USB ports & IEEE. GB wins in features dept.

    No point in getting the fastest ram unless you overclock on DICE/phase/LN2.
  2. Ouch, the reviews look horrible! At least at the egg!
    Not sure if they are to be trusted!
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    I hate to break it to you, but newegg reviews aren't reviews. Just user comments. Also, you can give a best part to a worst user and they can still screw it up. Or you can give a worst part to a best user, and they can make the most out of it.
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