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I have a hard drive that S.M.A.R.T. status has indicated a reallocated sector count. This drive had been perfect until a friend of mine "broke" the computer over his knee. So, the hard drive automatically reallocated the damaged sectors and caused the SMART error. I want to change the SMART status to an acceptable level and just mark the sectors as bad.

The hard drive I accept as good, because if the circumstances.

The only reason I want to reset the SMART status is because windows reports a bad hard drive and interrupts what I am doing. The hard drive had been dropped apparently while it was spinning.

I am using it now (as a storage drive), and it is working fine.

If any of you guys know of a program to reset the SMART status... Please let me know.
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  1. only chance is to try tha HDD's manafacturer's test. a full scan will mark the sectors as bad but i dont know if they will reset the SMART status.
  2. name and model of hdd
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