PC Will not wake from sleep after RAM overclock

Ok so just upgraded to this Crucial Ballistix 2x4GB and i am having a problem when i put the computer to sleep, it freezes upon waking up and will either display a black screen or freezes at the log on screen. I know it has something to do with the OC, because it will run fine and wake fine when running @ 1500mhz but when i enable XMP @ 1866 is when it starts having this problem. The weird thing is its only affecting the sleep, the computer is still prime95 stable and memtest86 passed 3 times with no errors (while running at 1866). XMP is automatically setting all the timings and settings correctly as far as i can see but if i need to post pictures of my BIOS let me know. Any help is appreciated

The first pic is stable and will wake from sleep, the second is stable until i put it to sleep and then it freezes on wake

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  1. I'm currently having the same issue with 16gb Corsair 1866Mhz memory on an ASUS M5A97 board. The unit sleeps fine normally, but has sleep issues when I run the memory at the speed and timings it's rated at using the BIOS DOCP settings. The unit doesn't really go to sleep as the fans continue to run. When I try to wake it up the PC seems to turn on but I get nothing on my screen. The unit runs completely fine at the 1866Mhz speed except for the sleep issue. The memory runs at 1333Mhz before I manually change the settings in the BIOS. Any help on this would be appreciated!
  2. I got it fixed what you need to do is Disable XMP and set 1866 9-9-9-27 2T manually for the timings, 1.55V on the ram, all other timings at auto, IMC +0.1V (should be 1.1v by default so set to 1.2v)
  3. i concur. slightly up the voltage on the ram. also consider poacing a fan over your ram.
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