DDR3 1600 vs DDR3 2000

Do you guys think that there is a real benefit of getting 2000 over 1600? For an extra $80(6GB kit) am I going to see a huge difference?

Its time for me to upgrade my system and I want to get an i7-950, but I'm just not sure if DDR3 2000 is going to be worth the extra $80.
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    For $80,its not worth it at all.
    Because the difference between 1600 and 2000 isn't noticeable in games/apps.
  2. K, thanks for the info
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  4. ^ I read solved, but in your purchasing an i7 950 if you extreme OC you are loosing a lot of FSB overhead {4000 MHz Uncore frequency}, but only a handful of MOBO are good with that speed.
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