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Anyone know how far you can push an PhenomX ii 945? Looking for a general idea of how much I can increase the FSB. Starting with a reliable number to me is better than incremental testing until i reach unstablility. Or maybe Im just lazy.

I just upgraded from a Dual Core. I have a aftermarket cooler, and air flow in the case is just ok

Last time I asked you guys how much I could OC my dual core, you were dead on the money as to how much I could increase the FSB

Thanks in advance for help
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  1. go in the bios
  2. im using AMD overdrive The X945 are not black edition, and also my mainboard has the multiplier locked so bios is not a viable option. I do thank you for taking the time to respond.

    So the only way to OC, is to adjust the Front Side Bus Slider within AMD Overdrive.

    Wondering how much I can safely OC. If no one replies, I will have my own answer from stress testing. Last night I bumped to 3.4 and there were no issues whatsoever. So today Ill see how far past that I can get.
  3. good luck
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