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Hey, so I've got a problem and want it fixed today and store closes in 2 hours so I need quick advice.

I've had major problems with my NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra chipset. The standard active cooler died and I replaced it with a passive Zalman ZM-NB47J. However it's not good enough apparently since it seems to overheat too easily when playing games or watching video files. I heard that my nforce4 chipset overheats easily and it's prefered to use active cooler.

So my question is now, would a passive Nexus NHP-2200 be enough?
it seems to be of higher quality than the Zalman.. And it's sold locally unlike the active coolers.

or should I be patient and get myself an active cooler like my previous one?

My motherboard is an Abit KN8 Ultra btw.

Any quick response would be much appreciated. Thanks
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  1. once you have clearance for the nexus go for it, once you have some incidental airflow in the area it should work quite well, remember the proper thermal paste application is key to a successful cooler, gl
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