Ssd drive RAID vs AHCI

can anyone tell me the best bios setting for a new SSD shoudl I use AHCI or RAID - think my on board has AHCI,IDE or SATA as an option - will AHCI be a problem to install WIN 7 ? thanks for the help -
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  1. AHCI ought to be the best option and setting for the new SSD and will not be a problem installing Win 7.
  2. AHCI
  3. yes go with ahci
  4. You forgot to mention MB and which controller it is on.
    If AMD - ahci
    If Intel - ahci, sata, raid makes no difference as long as The SSD is NOT a member drive of a Raid0, or 1, configuration and you have loaded the latest intel RST driver (ver 10.6 or later). The driver iaSTor is better than msahci and will pass the Trim command.
    But unless you need sata as the controller, as the old saying goes "KISS" and set to AHCI

    Do not recommend the MB Marvel based Sata III ports unless the only option.
  5. I have a similar question. I am attempting to run a raid 0 off of the sata 3 ports on my x9sra supermicro board and plan on cloning the current ahci drive (sata2) onto the raid0 volume. Which mode (ide, ahci or raid) should i plan on using for the sata 3 ports? The only way i have been able to properly set up the raid0 on the two ssds is by plugging them into the intel sata 2 SCU ports forming the raid0 in controller bios Now I am cloning the original drive onto the raid 0 plugged into SCU via bootit bare metal and then I plan on plugging cloned raid0 volume (2 ssd's) back into sata 3 ports. Do I set those ports to ahci or raid so that i may do a win7 bootsect repair to finalize using sata 3 raid0 as boot volume?
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