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My name is dinesh i have a zotac geforce 210 1gb ddr 3 gc ut when i overlocked it 'it giving me a worst perfomace... and plz i want to buy a new Graphic card (no SLI no #d vision) only for gaming at 1024x768 res. wid high setting.
My range is 3000 rupees..
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  1. 210 not worth overclocking. I've tried it before.

    Something like a 6570 would probably be best for your budget.
  2. check out flipkart but 6570 is around 4.5k
  3. thanx bro really thanx to you well i have one more questions for u is there some software who join a intergrted and external graphic card together for gaming
  4. no there is not
  5. akshayghai29785 said:
    check out flipkart but 6570 is around 4.5k

    $55 = ~3000 Rupees?
  6. but Akshay which is better 6570ddr3 or 6570ddr5
  7. ddr5, if you can afford it.
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    ddr5 anyway buy if you are going ddr5 way its very close to the price of 7750 which is awesome low end gpu considering the price
  9. Biostar motherboard ML-V2 Ver. 8.0 support 6570 and 7750 .....?
    plz reply
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