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Hi all out there. I have a problem and am looking for an answer. I have an EPOX EP-9NPAJ+SLI motherboard in my desktop PC but don't have the installation manual. I have just installed a TV card but don't know where to plug the sound into on the board. I am hoping that a manual will guide me to the sound connections on the board plus give me a decent size illustration to guide me. PLEASE HELP someone. Secondly may I ask. What is the SLI bit about as I see it is a secondary board which can be installed two ways? Which way is correct? Any further information required, I will try to supply it. Regards.

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  1. Welcome Newcomer! :)

    Manual (M) - http://www.epox.com/product.asp?ID=EP-9NPAJSLI.

    SLI - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scalable_Link_Interface the simplest explanation is that it allows the graphics processing power to be spread across "multiple" GPUs to improve the rendering speeds {FPS}. Primary for Gaming or Video rendering acceleration. Your MOBO supports (2) SLI "bridged" GPUs.

    TV Card - Install the GPU in the Orange PCIe and the TV Card in the Yellow PCIe {assuming it is a PCIe}. However, if the TV Card is a combined GPU + TV then use the Orange slot.

    Good Luck & hope that helps!
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