Does graphics card needed to play high definition video

friends i want to know that does the graphics card is only needed to play a high definition video(1080p) or any
more hardware and software require??? i heard that HDCP display and drive(ROM) is required to play such it write?? or else does only decent processor is more than enough to decode and display HD movie?????
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  1. If there is a powerful on-board graphics card, you may not need a separate graphocs card. Any ATI-chip card labeled HD #### will allow you play an HD video. To play Blu-ray, you'll need a Blu-ray DVDROM or Blu-ray DVDR/W. The monitor should also be HD-capable, too.
  2. thanks dude...
  3. But . . . What about the intel GMA 4500 and GMA 4500HD ? Can GMA 4500 play 1080p ?
  4. You do not need a strong GPU to play HD video. An current integrated GPU can handle any HD video. Also, even a current CPU can handle all HD videos. It is not like playing a demanding game. For current systems a HD video is no more stressful than an antivirus scan.
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