BSODs out of the blue (ASRock 4CoreDual-SATA2)

Hello people.

Since I upgraded my PC, I'm experiencing random freezes and crashes. Most often they happen when I try to launch / play Team Fortress 2. Sometimes TF2 randomly crashes on startup, then on Steam’s and/or TF2′s relaunch I get BSOD. Happens when ‘Loading’ label is about to disappear or when I am about to see the battlefield. While working, freezes are random - I got one right when I moved mouse after startup.

ASRock 4CoreDual-SATA2 R2.0 (FSB 266MHz), brand new.
Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 @ 2.80 GHz, brand new.
Kingston 1GB DDR2-533, brand new.
Sparkle Geforce 7600GS @ AGP 8x (fastwrites enabled), from previous setup.
Seagate Barracuda @ IDE x3, from previous setup:
7200.7 @ Primary Master
ATA IV @ Primary Slave
7200.9 @ Secondary Master

Setup #1:
Windows XP Pro SP2 installed on FAT32 partition on 7200.7
OmegaDrivers 2.169.21
Steam installed on NTFS partition on 7200.9

Debug timeline #1:
#1. dxg.sys (0xc0000005)
#2. win32k.sys (Bugcheck(19) – BAD_POOL_HEADER)
#3. nv4_mini.sys (0x1000008E)
—here I reinstalled cpu fan because of massive overheating before–
#4. npfs.sys (0x1000008E)
#5. dxg.sys (0x1000008E, exception 0xc0000005)
–here I reinstalled gpu drivers from random from Guru3d to OD–
#6. ntfs.sys (Bugcheck(24) – NTFS_SYSTEM_FILE)
–here I moved Steam from ATA IV to 7200.9 – in both cases it was installed on NTFS partition–
#7. nv4_mini.sys (0x1000008E, exception 0xc0000005)
#8. ntoskrnl.exe (0x1000000A) (4,2,0,random address)
#9. win32ksys (0xc5) (1,2,1,random address)
#10. fastfat.sys (Bugcheck(23) – FAT_SYSTEM_FILE)
#11. win32k.sys (0x1000008E) (0xc0000005)

Setup #2:
Windows XP Pro SP3 installed on FAT32 partition on 7200.7
Forceware 258.96
Steam installed on NTFS partition on 7200.9

Debug timeline #2:
#1. sr.sys (0x1a)
#2. ntoskrnl.exe (0x1a)
#3. 0xc1 without driver specified.

BIOS is updated, drivers, i.e. VIA's 4in1, Realtek HD Audio and VIA Rhine II Ethernet, installed and up-to-date. I've run 3dmark03 for around six hours and memtest86+ for seven cycles, both without problems or errors. Everything's running at stock frequency (tried underclocking as well). I also am able to play Quake Live and UT2004 without problems. Crashed once when playing Minecraft, but I managed to cause it again without the game running.

I'm posting it here because by benchmarking with 3dmark03 I ruled out CPU and gfx card.
Pack of minidumps from first setup for those interested (plus few not mentioned). One is really weird (I think it's second from the end), mentioning ndis.sys, tdi.sys and irda.sys.

Any ideas?

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  1. get more ram, im not saying thats the problem but i think you should get more ram, try a different psu, upgrade xp to sp3
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