Bad sectors on Hard-Drive causing problems

When I was getting my build together a few months ago, I had to cheap out on my HardDrive because of the flooding making the prices Skyrocket, I then bought a Second Hand Hard-Drive, I have been noticing problems that makes everything on my computer freeze for less than a second every second, This causes abrupt mouse movements and very bad for Gaming, Every single thing is affected. Audio, Internet, Game FPS, Mouse Movements.. It was my first build, So i'm not sure, But do you think it is DEFINATELY the hard-drive, Because I don't want to spend alot of money for a new one, If this one works fine!
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  1. Check the drive for errors. This is how:

    If it's not the hard drive, maybe some processor-heavy background process kicks in from time to time, which you can monitor in Task Manager:

    On processes tab, be sure to click show all processes, and order the table by CPU usage by clicking on the table column header.
    You can also add additional columns (menu item "View->Select Columns"), e.g. I like to add I/O columns to see, what processes make many disk operations.
  2. Nothing seems bad on the IO, but in a game, it shows a usage meter, It helps describe what I mean

    Also CPU Usage always < 5%
  3. Well, if the drive check came back without errors (have you checked the Scan for bad sectors checkbox?), then it shouldn't be the drive's fault, that's all I can say.

    Unless the drive is too slow to keep up with everything else... There are tools for measuring drive speed, look for drive tests here on tomshardware.
  4. I did CheckDisk, and well. It never finished... There was a ton of errors
  5. Too bad, man...
  6. Do you think it would be worthwhile to get a new HardDrive?.. This is really annoying..
    Happens too often
  7. Absolutely. An unreliable computer sounds like a contradiction to me.

    What if you work on a school paper for like 3 hours, you save your file, and it turns out later that the file cannot be read. Etc, etc...
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