Overlocked my E2220 ,how does this look ?

I have been trying to overlock my E2220 recently
I managed to Overlock it from 2.40GHZ to 3.0GHZ but my FSB:DRAM ratio is 3:5 and i want it at 1:1,my ram is ddr2 and i had to set it from 800MHZ to 667 mhz so it would be 3:5 ratio and the ram would be at 416MHZ dram frequency because at 800MHZ its at 500dram frequency ( fsb of cpu is from 200 to 250 )
Here are the pics:



What should i set my ram timings at ? and should i leave the cpu overlocked while changing them ? also does my cpu/memory look stable from the pictures? or did i do any mistake ?

This is my first overlock so please comment,is this fine or should i change it,suggest me some improvements please
I ran a test with Prime 95 for 10 minutes and it showed 0 errors,the max load temp wa 68C,is this fine ?
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  1. real stable test prime need minimal 2-4hours
  2. I tried changing the multiplier to 9 while putting fsb at 333 but the computer dont boot and i noticed that the speed was set to 1.80GHZ and not 2.97 ghz as supposed to be.... what could be the problem?
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