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  1. Hello yourself. Can you be a little more specific? We have no idea what your problem is and what you need to do.
  2. my external hd kept saying it was unreadable so a friend of mine said formatt the external ? and u can still get all ur files back now im just wondering how can i get all the stuff what was on my external i want them back plzz help me
  3. Formatting was the wrong step, unfortunately. If it was a quick format, you should be able to recover the data in most cases. If it was a full format, you have a problem.

    There are a sequence of steps that we usually take recovering unreadable data from a failed external drive. These are

    1) Try a different USB cable and a different computer. Just in case it's a trivial problem.
    2) If you have the experience, remove the drive from the external housing and attach it directly to the motherboard controllers. This rules out problems with the housing electronics.
    3) Run a free utility such as EASEUS Partition Recovery (there are many) that can read data from a disk that has had its partition / format data corrupted.
    4) Run a utility that scans a drive sector-by-sector and tries to rebuild files. These can take several days to run. They are usually free to scan, but about $100 to recover more than one file. Sorry, I can't provide a list of these utilities. I recently lost my list of favorite threads with good answers to questions like these, so I can't just send you to an existing answer.

    All this assumes that the disk is not making loud noises, emitting smoke or sparks, or otherwise indicating that the problem is physical damage.
  4. Those formatted files are still stored on the disk just invisible or inaccessible.
    Only the FAT or NFTS table erased the information about where those data were saved but the real data are still intact there in sectors of the disk.So as long as those data are not overwritten by new data, it's highly possible to recover them. You can go for an efficient recovery software for recovering your files.I must recommend freeware recuva in this situation. Hope it works for you
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