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Hello, I'm buying a new computer. unfortunately, my faithful laptop has all the applications, files and settings I've gained over years. is there a way i can put everything from my laptop to my new computer? so nothing changes?
help would be veeeeeery much appreciated.
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  1. You could, but it's way too painstaking. I would suggest just using the HDD in the Laptop in an external Enclosure as an External HDD.
    But if you still want to go ahead with it. You can always makes an image of the entire HDD, onto a new one, meaning clone it using Acronis or Ghost or one of those utilities.
    Then Booting from this newly created drive in safe mode a few times until the drivers and everything new set in.
    And then boot it up normally.
    This process has worked for me a lot of times, actually since the year 2003 ..... so, it's not that difficult but you need to have the patience if all that data is all that important.
  2. alright, i'll give that a try, thank you :)
  3. There are a number of tools that claim to be able to do this: Take a running installation on one system and get it running on dissimilar hardware.

    EASEUS To-Do Backup has a "Restore to dissimilar hardware" option. Windows provides a sysprep.exe tool that basically sets the drivers and certain other information back to the just-installed state; you actually go through most of the installation menus, including entering the product key. I would have more faith in this than in other approaches.

    That said, if I were in your place the very next thing that I would do is to buy a faster drive and clone your now-adapted-to-new-hardware system drive onto it. If the new machine is a desktop, you've got room for a faster and bigger drive.

    Let us know how it goes.
  4. Also check out the Automatic Installation Kit. It will help migrating your windows profile and settings to the new PC.
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