My Laptop Memory Upgrade doesn't work..

I have an old Gateway 3040GZ laptop. I recently purchased some PC2100 DDR RAM, and installed it at home.

YES, it is the correct RAM...

The computer boots up fine. It runs perfectly well... But it does not recognize the newly added RAM. It still says 480MB of RAM.

My boyfriend thinks that computer is somehow confusing the fixed ram with the extended ram....but I'm not really sure how that could happen.

My guess is that the ram might be toast, and I have no choice but to buy another stick.

What do you guys think?

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  1. Have you tried re-seating the ram? Holding FN + Power button when the computer is turned off will power on the computer into a diagnostic mode where you can test the memory. It might be a dead stick due to the fact that its not recognized at all - if it was just ram error the system would not boot and youd see a sequence of led lights... You said you purchased this stick - so if you did so from a retailer you could just go get it replaced...

    Also as another troubleshooting step - you can try booting the laptop with just the new stick installed in the place of the old one - if it boots that will tell you its possibly 2 things

    1 - you may have got the correct spec'd ram - but the two sticks are incompatible with each other

    2 - the second ram slot is not functioning

    Good luck
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