Need low power AGP graphics card recommendations

I need an AGP (8x) graphics card with HDMI support for 1920 x 1200 (24") display. The one caveat being that my computer has a maximum power output of 295.4W as posted on its PCU.

The current generation of cards that I've researched are mostly PCI-e and/or recommend a larger PSU than what I have. The cards recommended in the older posts similar to mine are either out of stock or leave me uncertain as to their max resolution or power needs.

I don't need the card for gaming, just sufficient for handling Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
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  1. I would have suggested those same two models--3450 and 4350.

    If you could find a 4350 without ddr3 it might be cheaper.
  2. I need to make a correction... it's DVI not HDMI that I need. I currently have an NVIDIA GeForce FX5200 that only supports a DVI resolution of 1600 x 1200.

    I could not find the recommended power supply for the 3450 but the 4350 looks promising. It recommends 300W or greater and my PSU is just a few watts shy. Is this shortage critical for using the computer with graphic design/photo software? Or does design software use the same amount of or more resources than gaming?
  3. If you are using CS4 it has some optimization for for graphics card support--however nearly all graphic design software is more CPU intensive than GPU.

    It may be time to just consider a new computer, since I am guessing whatever you have with an AGP slot is getting old. You could get a very decent new system for around $500.
  4. If my only solution for making my current computer work with my 24" display involves the cost of a new graphics card + upgraded power supply, then yes, it would make more sense to simply buy a new system. I'd get Windows 7 in the process and save the additional expense of upgrading.

    It's just a shame to toss out a 3.2 ghz machine that runs CS3 quite well. I know it doesn't necessarily need to go the landfill; I can always donate it or give it to a friend. I am just trying to eek a couple more years out of the sucker.
  5. If you do consider it this is the best PSU deal ive seen recently --$39 OCZ 500w

    If you are planning to build your next computer a good PSU like this one could be re-used.

    A new PSU would let you upgrade to a more powerful AGP 4650, 3850 or 4670. The only problem is that these cards are more expensive than their PCIe x16 counterparts and wouldnt transfer to a new system...
  6. Is it a brand name computer? Dell, HP etc.

    Do you know the brand or amperage of the PSU?
  7. The computer specs are:
    -3.2 GHZ Pentium 4
    The PSU label list the following specs:
    - Model: DPS-295AB A
    - Output: 295.4 W Max
    - Volts/Amps:
    +5v / 28a +3.3v / 13a
    +12v / 17a -12v / 0.2a
    +5vsb / 1.8a +12vsb / 1.2a

    +5v & +3.3v total output power can't exceed 165W
    +12v & +12vsp total output power can't exceed 209w
  8. It should run either of those cards without problems. I've run a similar system with higher powered cards.
  9. Thanks DatmanII and deadlockedworld for the recommendations & info. I installed the 4350 earlier today. It fully supports my Dell 2405FPW display and everything seems to be working just fine.
  10. Your welcome. :sol:
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