What is the powerful Processor ?

Im being confused a lot on checking several processor benchmarks .
I simply want to know which processor is the mid end processor good for a business desktop ?
im thinking these
core 2 extreme
core 2 quad

Please give me a hierarchy of the processors power so that i can have a clear view about its capabilities and also the price if possible.
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  1. Core i3 is a good modern mid range dual core processor.
    Core 2 extreme is a former ultra high end processor (now replaced by core i7 extreme)
    Core 2 quad is a previous generation quad core processor, it is still a solid performer, but I would nor recommend it for a new desktop.

    If your usage is not that intensive then the core i3 is more than enough.

    Tom's hardware has a good hierarchy chart for processors. It is from a gaming point of view, but still works well for many other purposes.

    Anand tech has a great database for CPU benchmarks:
  2. Thanks a lot for your answer mate it really helps me to think from the scrath.
  3. Also, why not have a look at AMD processors? Some of them really have a great performance/price ratio.
  4. Here is a good chart I picked up from another post. It shows the best performance/$ ratio considering both AMD and Intel processors.
  5. @basket - AMD is surely a good one, but am concerning about the heat issues and compatibility of some softwares i heard some speculations that it will create some compatibility issues, is it so ? if not then please recommend some good amd processor that gives near or equal performance to i3 / extreme /quad.
    @randomkid - thanks a lot for the link its more descriptive.
  6. AMD processors are compatible with software just like intel processors. They generally consume a little more power than their intel counterparts, but I don't think that is a big deal especially with good cooling.

    For processor suggestion, it depends on your budget:

    -Athlon II X4 630 is a good budget solution, it is somewhat slower than core i3 with single threaded programs but significantly faster under programs that use 4 cores.

    -Intel core i3 530 is a good processor that consumes little power and performs well, it may be your choice if you really care much about power consumption.

    -Phenom II X4 955 is a solid performer around 160-170$, it performs better than the i3 and on par with the higher end core 2 quad processors.

    -Intel core i5 750 is an excellent performer around 200$, is generally faster than any core 2 processor and faster than anything AMD has currently.

    -Core 2 quad is an outdated processor and currently overpriced for its performance.

    After all, if you don't use CPU intensive programs (video encoding, 3d games,...), then even a dual core CPU do the task.
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